About Us

The first May Court Club, Ottawa was created by Lady Aberdeen, wife of the Governor General of Canada in 1898. This makes May Court the oldest service club in Canada, an incredible distinction for Canadian women.

Lady Aberdeen was a woman ahead of her time, well meaning, compassionate and visionary. She was also a lady of action. In the five years she was in Canada from 1893-1898, she founded The May Court Club, The Victorian Order of Nurses and the Council of Women. As a wife and a mother, she was sensitive to social ills and at the forefront of the reform movement in Canada, believing in and working towards social justice for all.

We continue this very important work in our 9 club communities today with 1500 women donating more than 140,000 hours to raise more than $1,000,000 annually.

Our umbrella organization, The Association of May Court Clubs of Canada, comprises 2 delegates from each of our 9 clubs and an executive committee of 5 elected from past club presidents. We meet twice annually and share our successes, brainstorm our challenges, and discuss our common projects. All members are encouraged to attend our annual meeting where they can meet new friends, renew acquaintances, be energized and inspired by the positive changes our caring has brought to our communities.